Laughter can make an entire mood turn around.  Have you ever found yourself in a very stressful, highly emotionally-charged conversation? One person can completely change the trajectory of the situation with humor and get all involved laughing.  When the laughter ends, the entire situation takes on a whole more productive tone.

The reason that I mention this is that today is my 28th Wedding Anniversary.  I am completely astounded that 28 years have gone by. I am still blown away by how my husband John still uses humor to diffuse tense situations.  The humor is never derogatory or inflammatory.  He has a capability to just say the right thing at the right time to change the entire dynamic.  We share a few laughs and then are to get to work to proactively deal with whatever the challenge is.

There are many studies about the benefits of laughter for our health.  We often hear, “he/she makes me laugh” when describing a loved one.  Most of us have witnessed the energy of a party or gathering change when laughter begins. I hope I don’t ever take for granted that after all of these years that John can still make me laugh. Who or what makes you laugh?