I was reminded this weekend that we reach those huge goals that we set by creating and achieving small victories along the way. Again and again we set our sights on a tremendous goal; it might be a health related goal, business goal, spiritual goal or financial goal.  We set the large goal but often forget to break that large goal into manageable steps to reach that goal.

Create Small Victories Along the Way

Take the large goal and break it into smaller goals that will set you up for success.  When we were teaching one of our daughters how to ride a two-wheel bike, we didn’t just take off the training wheels and send her on her way.  We ran beside her and then let her go.  She would ride for a few seconds before falling. I remember shouting, “8 seconds” and starting again. Gradually she worked it up. We shouted and celebrated her success, “17 seconds……23 seconds……..45 seconds!”  Before long she was riding on her own.

Celebrate Your Small Victories

When you achieve those small victories, CELEBRATE!  It doesn’t have to be a big deal. However, mark your victory in some way; revel for a few minutes in the feeling of satisfaction. If your goal is to run a marathon and you have never even been out jogging, celebrate when you achieve your first mile run.  Do it again when you reach the next milestone in your training.  This will propel us again and again to keep on working toward our goal.  You deserve to feel good about every thing you accomplish on the way.

“Small victories will lead to larger victories by changing our view of our own personal success and ability.” (excerpt from ‘When It’s You Against Them’ by Kathy A. Eubanks)

Kathy A. Eubanks is an inspirational speaker and author of “When It’s You Against Them”. www.KathyEubanks.com