Spring is arriving.  The birds can be heard outside my window. The days are longer.  The ice is melting on the lake near my home.  AAAAAAH…. Time to take a deep breath and smell the fresh clean spring air!

Springtime is one of my four favorite seasons!  With spring comes Easter, Opening Day, flower day at the Farmer’s Market and a renewed sense of hope.

Hope is one of those words that can be so easily misused and overused.  It can be the recollection of a goal way off in the future that helps us persevere through college final exams.  It can be the feeling of anticipation we get when we look at the travel brochure or the cutout photo of the boat/car that we are saving for. When going through a difficult struggle, hope can feel like the knot at the end of a rope that allows you to hang long enough for circumstances to change.  For me it is my faith;  it is the sigh at the end of the day and the knowledge that God will allow the sun will rise again in the morning.

What is it deep inside you that keeps you going?  What is it that resource deep inside you that you tap into to keep you moving forward? What are you doing each day to nurture that sense of hope?


Kathy A. Eubanks, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Emcee is the author of WHEN IT’S YOU AGAINST THEM. Kathy inspires audiences to counter adversity with reaffirmed faith and renewed hope.