Kathy Eubanks

Kathy Eubanks

Keynote Speaker, Author

Kathy Eubanks is a top Motivational Speaker and Author, who has a passion for helping others that are aiming to improve their opportunities. Kathy’s energetic, down to earth, and inspirational message moves and motivates audiences to improve their lives, relationships and leadership ability by improving their attitude and outlook. Kathy’s humor, genuine warmth and stories we all relate to have impacted many lives. Kathy has over 25 years of experience educating adults aiming to improve their opportunities.

In addition, Kathy is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). She is former President of the Michigan Chapter of NSA and has served on the Board of Directors for several years. She has a Master’s Degree from Wayne State University and has been a College Professor in Michigan where she earned the ‘Excellence in Teaching’ Award in 1996. In her personal life Kathy is married to her best friend and the mother of three beautiful daughters. She is a contributor with the Girl Scouts, volunteer at her daughters’ schools and active in her church. “I am passionate about helping other people improve their lives and their relationships. We often don’t realize how important our attitude is. Just ask anyone who has ever worked for a boss that has had a bad attitude. Changing our attitude really changes our effectiveness and our ability to influence those around us.”
As an inspirational and dedicated Speaker, Kathy Eubanks is committed to providing high quality and entertaining programs to her clients and audiences.

Kathy is Author of When It’s You Against Them: Keeping A Positive Attitude Despite It All where she shares the secrets for developing and maintaining a positive, life-giving attitude.  Find out how Kathy uses all four areas to imrove yourself, your organization, and your world!

  • Positive Thinking Strategies 100%
  • Goal Achievement Strategy 100%
  • Professional Development 100%
  • Measurable Success 100%

Positive Thinking

Improve your health by improving your attitude.  Walk into a room of negative people and remain unaffected.

Goal Achievement

Achieve more goals.  Maintain a positive attitude despite the negativity that can pervade their work and home environment.

Professional Development

Increase your leadership effectiveness and improve your ability to influence others.

Measurable Success

Set goals and achieve them.  Have more fun and get more out of life at work and home.

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