Shares with audiences and readers insights for maintaining a positive attitude. Kathy is the former director of training for a regional company that delivers cutting-edge motivational and leadership keynotes and training. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and has 20 years of experience educating adults aiming to improve their opportunities. 


Life is just a lot more fun with a positive attitude!  Not that everything we do is fun but if you are going ot have to get up every morning and raise a family and commute to work and clean your home and whatever thousand other things you need to do to survive, why not enjoy it?  When you are having fun and enjoying life, everyone around you benefits.


I strongly recommend this book to everyone who wishes to improve their attitude toward life and maximize their success. Dianne Huber, Michigan

Kathy Eubanks has a rare gift of positive energy that is magnified by her enthusiasm to help others. Barbara Whitmore, Michigan

I liked this book!  I was changed by it (in a very – no pun intended – positive way).

Dr. Robert E. McTyre, The Writing Guru

Energetic.  Insightful.  Empathetic.  Intelligent. Fun. Genuine. Which of those words describe Kathy Eubanks? All of them. She and her presentations are inspiring. From the moment Kathy starts to speak she engages the audience with her enthusiasm, her stories of facing personal tragedy and overcoming it. Kathy’s down-to-earth messages about “navigating beyond negativity” and making the most of life are sincere and a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to hear them. 

Debbie Komar

Newspaper Reporter and Editor

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