Public Speaking

Kathy Eubanks inspires and enables audiences to counter adversity with reaffirmed faith and renewed hope. In her keynote, Navigating Beyond Negativity, audiences are inspired to persevere through obstacles, guided to evaluate important relationships, encourage to reaffirm their own faith and renew hope, and given the tools to thrive in life.

Master of Ceremonies

If you are seeking a Master of Ceremonies for your next special event, look no further.  Kathy Eubanks has emceed many types of events including wine tastings, leadership training programs and multi-day workshop/sales events.  As a Comme’re, Kathy will introduce your performers/speakers, engage the audience, solidify learning points, and keep your event moving forward.  She will work closely with you to achieve your goals.

Complete Audience Engagement







Amazing Result

Challenging and Entertaining


A perfect blend of humor and challenging content

Life Changing

Helping you to unlock the power of positive thinking at home, work, and beyond.


Well Read

And well written.  Author and attitude expertise can be yours for the asking.